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Representing a premium range of quality croissants and strudels! With 30% filling!

A great range of sizes and flavors such as cocoa, cocoa and vanilla, hazelnut and more. A great product for people always on the go!

Slim Pasta Organic

Eat your way Slim. Closely resembling the consistency and bite of typical pasta, noodles and rice. Health benefits: zero carbs, low calorie, gluten free, wheat free, fat free, sugar free, plant based, organic

Slim Pasta! Helps you lose weight!

The Skinny Food Co. makes it their mission to enable people to enjoy food as it should be enjoyed and to put ‘avoided’ ‘unhealthy’ options firmly back on the menu (for as many people as possible). Providing a service to people within areas such as; fitness, mothers, children, vegans, diabetics, food intolerances, fitness, bodybuilding, dieting, sugar substitutes.


My Protein

My Protein is Europe’s No.1 sports nutrition brand for high-quality supplements, protein powders, bars, vitamins, and snacks. By 2020, My protein aims to be the largest sports nutrition brand in the world.

We wholesale My Protein Cookies, Flapjacks, Powder and Tablets for sale in retail stores. To find out our full range, please contact us: info@anmatto.com